Pune District Education Association's
Shankarrao Ursal College of Pharmaceutical
Sciences & Research Center

Approved by All India Council for Technical Education , Pharmacy Council of India, New Delhi. | Permanently Afiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University (PU/PN/Pharm/384/2009) | Code 1235 | Recognised By : Government of Maharashtra | DTE Institute Code : 6385


About Pharmaceutics Department


Aim is not only to prepare the students for their future success in life through a host of up-to-date courses in Pharmaceutics, but also help them to develop a rigorous scientific attitude so that they can serve the Pharmacy and other Health-related professions in the best possible way, thereby improving the quality of life.


  • To disseminate knowledge of pharmaceutics to students through quality teaching. The purpose of teaching is to impart relevant information to the students in a manner that allows them to develop their analytical and intellectual capabilities, thus instructing them in the methods by which knowledge is acquired, with emphasis on self-reliance and continued self-education.
  • Promote interdepartmental, interfaculty and international collaborative research.
  • At the end of the course, the student shall be able to –
  • Capable of formulating and preparing pharmaceutical products.
  • Perform various qualitative and quantitative analytical techniques to assess the quality and quantity of raw materials and pharmaceutical products.
  • Utilize their thorough understanding of their fundamental knowledge to provide drug information and education services to the community and patients about the use of medications and medical devices.
  • Describe the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of essential and commonly used drugs
  • Plan, design and conduct research using appropriate methodologies.
  • Develop presentation, promotion, marketing, business administration, numeric and computation skills.
  • Demonstrate capability of communication skills, time management, critical thinking, problem-solving, decision-making and team-working.
  • Perform responsibilities in compliance with legal, ethical and professional rules.
  • Able to be a life-long learner for continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills.
  • Manage the safe and efficient distribution of medications and participate in quality assurance and improvement programs to maintain the sustainability of good practice.
  • Demonstrate a professional attitude through practicing in an ethical manner and continuously maintaining his/her competence through lifelong learning.

 Research Area of Pharmaceutics Department

  1. Solubility enhancement of poorly soluble drugs and development of its suitable dosage form.
  2. Design development and evaluation of immediate release dosage form.
  3. Taste masking of bitter tasting drug by using ion exchange resins.
  4. Design development and evaluation of self-emulsifying drug delivery system.
  5. Design development and evaluation of gastro retentive drug delivery system.
  6. Design of novel drug delivery system by using natural excipients.
  7. Formulation and development of bilayer tablet.
  8. Formulation and development of extended release dosage form.
  9. Formulation and characterization of nanostructured lipid carriers based nano gel for topical delivery.
  10. Design development and evaluation of Micro emulsion for transdermal drug delivery system.

 List of Faculty Members with Qualification

Department: Pharmaceutics 

Sr. No.

Name of Faculty




Dr. Ashok Bhosale

M. Pharm. Ph.D.

Professor & Principal


Dr. Sujit Kakade

M. Pharm. Ph.D



Dr. Prashant Khade

M. Pharm. Ph.D

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Trusha Shangrapawar

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Bhagyashri Shelar

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor


Mr. Nitin Neherkar

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor


Mrs. Anjali Pande

M. Pharm.

Assistant Professor

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